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When we do contests, we will post them here.

Changelog (2020)

We will have a changelog for Offtopica.NET for anything from Staff Changes or Site updates or something....but this is the only thread that will have it.

12.30.2019 - was re-purchased and the style "Novus" was added towards it.
12.31.2019 - bradley S aka bradleyj rejoins to the team - Former owner

Moderators Needed

Looking for at least one or two moderators to help get this place going a bit.


Contact me VIA PM.

Community Guidelines

Official Guidelines - These guidelines apply to every service within Offtopica.NET.

  1. Respect everyone, no matter the difference of opinions or tastes.
    We are all human and have a right to an opinion no matter what the topic if both of you have a valid point leave it at that, their no right or wrong answer example: If one likes Trump and one like Hilary for whatever reason they each have valid points.
  2. Inappropriate usernames, profile pictures...
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Merged Complete

We have went ahead and merged into will be off for a bit until we can sort everything out...but instead of dealing with two big site going on now...we will be working on going on with life, but keeping the memory of "Offtopica Forums" with us forever.

If you have any questions or think of anyway of fixing some problems please don't be scared to ask. :)

Little Sister

OTX is on XF

Pleased to announce the conversion of is now on XF 2.2.

This thread will be posting all of the latest updates and addons for

So stay tuned. :)

Welcome to

Newly registered domain, hoping to get some stuff going for this place and see where everything will go with it... is going to be the little sister forum for

So if you wanna drop by on either one of these forums and hang out, chat with others...then by all means go for it.

Addons for Offtopica.NET

As of right now the only addon we have for Offtopica.NET is listed below.

[TH] User Improvements 1.3.0 Patch Level 9
[cXF] Hide Unselectable Styles 1.0.0
[SVG]Forum Statistics Below Nodes 2.1.4
Granular Administrator Permissions 1.1.2
Known Bots 2.7.0
Sysnative: Improved Member Stats Widgets 1.0.2

More will be added.
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Welcome to the NEW

We are finally back, after years of being gone...starting new and wanted to bring us back full force on getting a big board going....
So, if you feel as were here before, come back we are welcoming everyone with open arms...
Some things have changed and orders of the forums and whatnot.
If you have anything to add to us, let myself b.smith b.smith or C Chev know...

Thanks, Phillip.
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