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  1. b.smith

    Android or Apple?

    I am Android, due to the fact Apple lacks the freedom of customizations as well getting nickel and dimed for everything you do.
  2. b.smith

    TV What TV shows are you currently watching?

    Those are some good ones
  3. b.smith

    What brand is your PC?

    ASUS M15 ROG laptop. Despite its lack of "Gamer aesthetics" it sure does pull its own weight, It is capable of having over 15+ tabs open running 2 full games in the background and shows no signs of lag
  4. b.smith

    Where are you from?

    Wichita, Kansas
  5. b.smith

    Merged Complete

    Those were some good times back then, will definitely be missed but not forgotten.
  6. b.smith

    Show Yourself!

    Anyone else?
  7. b.smith

    Sensitive Society Era

    What i always say to most people that whine about it is "If you dont like what i have to say dont ask for my advice or opinion" Or .. Well would you want me to lie to you like everyone else does including the media, and some respond with something like "Media doesnt always lie" which some...
  8. b.smith

    Future of Electronics

    Well everything is becoming automated of course, and with the job security, it has there will be bugs all over it all. I think we will be not far from the jetsons in the near future if not now,
  9. b.smith

    bradleyj here

    Hello all, I am Brad. I was the original owner of this forum that essentially founded this. I went by bradleyj. I am glad to see it back again.
  10. b.smith

    Hey there!

    Welcome @dihep, Glad you enjoy it so far.
  11. b.smith

    Mork and Mindy

    its on youtube.
  12. b.smith

    Mork and Mindy

    Mork and Mindy was my favorite show growing up. I watched it a lot when it came on and along with other shows around that time. Granted they were re-runs as I wasn't born in the 70s Also RIP Robin Williams
  13. b.smith

    Make a suggestion

    If there is a topic you want us to cover send a PM or post here what you want to see or add. We will consider it and let you know if we have considered to add it.
  14. b.smith

    What's your favorite electronic machine?

    I would say I've always been more of a PC guy An android guy here when it comes to mobile aspect as it's customizable more so than IOS I play my PS4 on occasion.
  15. b.smith

    oldie is the goodie

    What older music do you like? I like 80s classic Rock, Led Zepplin, AC/DC, Phil Collins, Papa Roach, Hinder, BuckCherry. Bryan Adams some probably dont fit in Classic Rock but with in that era still :D
  16. b.smith

    Changelog (2020)

    1.8.20 Logo revamped
  17. b.smith

    Smokey here!

    Welcome @Smokey
  18. b.smith

    Sensitive Society Era

    Well here women are allowed to walk around public topless on the streets so that's a plus I guess. Then you get these people that say that they don't get their feelers hurt when its something personal to them or about them they do. Which their is a fine line between disrespect and just saying it...
  19. b.smith

    Return of the Beyonder!

    Welcome back @Beyonder
  20. b.smith

    Hello everyone

    Welcome @Drew hope you feel at home here, or a home away from home lol